If you’ve taken a stroll down the supermarket snack aisle within the last year, you’ve likely noticed that potato chips and corn tortilla chips have taken a backseat.  Even sweet potato and pita chips are old news. Everything is being made into chips or crisps these days--hummus, lentils, brown rice, kale, and every other root vegetable under the sun. Creative as they all may be, some are better left in their “whole food” state than others--I’d personally rather enjoy the deep, earthy, almost meaty flavor of raw kale than its dry, brittle chip counterpart.

But there’s a new chip in town that has recently caught our attention, one made from white beans. That’s right--Beanitos's new Restaurant Style White Bean Chips are not to miss. Simple and clean, made from whole navy white beans, brown rice, sunflower oil and sea salt. That’s it, and they’re delicious. They’ve got the most neutral flavor profile of all the other Beanito varieties (including black and pinto bean chips) but with a thinner, lighter, and crispy-crunchier texture. A great vessel for homemade guacamole and fresh salsa.

But the best part is the nutrient profile--140 calories per serving with a boastful 6 grams of fiber, 4 grams of protein, and only 55mg sodium. See how it compares below.  For a snack chip, it doesn’t get much better than this.