Despite the fact that college football starts in about aweek (my harbinger of fall), it is definitely still summer. Here, temperaturesswelter in the upper 90s most days. Add to that 98% humidity, and the air feelsso thick and muggy you almost have to swim through it. (Seriously, I’ve madebreaststroke gestures when walking outside, and bystanders simply nod inagreement.)

Nownormally, I’m a 100% bourbon girl (and I’ve found some ways to summerize mybeloved drink), but I’ve recently switched to the perfect sipper for these hotdays: vinho verde wine. Translated as “green wine,” vinho verde wines come fromPortugal,and they’re made to be enjoyed young (hence the “green” moniker). Bonus: Thatmeans they’re quite inexpensive.

I’ve never been a white wine person (seeabove, bourbon love), but I absolutely adore this wine. It’s spritzy, crisp,tangy, juicy, and fresh, with a hint of effervescence. You can even find vinhoverde rosé, which has all of these characteristics plus the most delicate whiffof strawberry—yum! While you can certainly drink it with food, you don’t haveto. It’s a lovely casual, social wine—meaning it’s ideal for long, lingeringconversations with friends. This has become my go-to beverage this summer, andI’ve introduced lots of my friends and family to it, toting along a bottle toevery get-together I attend. And everyone who tries it is a convert. It’s theperfect antidote to a steamy summer day or one of those too-hot evenings thatdefies logic.

If you wantto serve it with food, by all means do. It’s delicious with mostseafood—especially if you have access to good, cold-water raw oysters. You canalso try it with our Avocado-Buttermilk Soup with Crab Salad, or make a lightlunch of vinho verde and our Golden Corn Salad with Fresh Basil.