We've shared our top snacks of the past year in our Annual Taste Test Awards, but what about the treats our furry BFFs are gobbling up? We sent staffers home with the latest in dog biscuits, chews, and teeth-cleaning treats, and we narrowed it down to the real standouts.

Does your pet have a favorite treat? Let us know in the comments below. Bonus points if you're quick enough to snap and share a shot of his or her enjoyment.

Cooking Light's Photo Editor Amy Delaune gives the following advice to better snap Spot: "To get them [Delaune has two adorable Westies, featured in our slideshow] to look at me, I held up a treat as I snapped the picture. I was looking down with my iPhone in one hand and a treat in the other. It's the best way to have a dog look at you in order to get a good shot. I don't think they mind much, because when I do a 'photo shoot' with them, it always involves lots of treats," she says.

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