300 treasured calories. That's the built-in snacking amount I have each day. For me, those 300 calories represent a chance to try new things, have fun, and enjoy something unique. Of course, I don't veer off course and eat a honey bun or candy bar. I like to try healthier alternatives that really stretch those 300 calories as far and as deliciously as possible.

Enter: Popcorn, Indiana's new Granola Popcorn Clusters. Any healthy snacker knows about popcorn. It's filling, full of fiber, a whole grain, and a real boost to your diet--as long as it's not coated in butter-flavored coconut oil (like what you purchase at the movies).

We recently taste tested Popcorn, Indian's new product (released last fall) here at the CL office. Both flavors--Vanilla Almond and Dark Chocolate Coconut--received resounding thumbs up from everyone who tried them. The Dark Chocolate Coconut, however, was the crowd favorite by far. "I love this! It has big coconut flavor as promised, and I love the super crunch from the granola," wrote one reviewer.

As for me, I found that the chocolate-coconut sweetness isn't cloying (one serving has 11 grams of sugar--cane sugar is the second ingredient on the list). The crunchy granola and crispy popcorn bite is crazy addictive. I thought a half-cup serving wouldn't be filling, but the combination of the rolled oats and popcorn really does fill you up. It's also double your typical granola serving (about 1/4 cup) for the same, or even fewer, calories. The ingredient list gets a thumbs up, too: Nothing artificial or hydrogenated. First four ingredients: rolled oats, cane sugar, popcorn, and tapioca syrup. All in all, two very enthusiastic thumbs up from this snacker with a sweet tooth.

Dark Chocolate CoconutServing Size: 30g (about 1/2 cup)Servings per Container: About 19Calories 140; Fat 4.5g  (sat 3g); Sodium 50mg; Sugars 11g; Carbs 23g

Vanilla AlmondServing Size: 30g (about 1/2 cup)Servings per Container: About 19Calories 120; Fat 3.5g (sat 1g); Sodium 100mg; Sugars 10g; Carbs 22g