Lots of tools and gadgets have come through the Cooking Light Test Kitchen. Recently I have tested a 15-pound solid steel baking stone (which was awesome), a less-than-impressive slow cooker, and some worthless microwave potato chip makers.

Our most recent toy was the most amazing $2000 stand mixer you have ever seen. The Kenwood Cooking Chef Food Mixer is a blender, food processor, induction burner, and mixer in one. The Cooking Chef boasts a resume similar to some of the late-night infomercial gadgets, but trust me, it's in a class of its own. Kenwood is known internationally for making well-made products, the type of product that you will never have to replace, the type you leave in your will.

Imagine your current stand mixer on steroids, and you're taking a step towards this mixer. The most interesting feature was the Cooking Chef's ability to simultaneously cook and stir at the same time. Glancing through the accompanying Kenwood cookbook, I landed on a couple recipes worth trying.

I had to try a risotto in possibly the most perfect risotto maker ever. It turned out perfect with the paddle turning slowly and constantly for about 20 minutes, churning out a wonderfully creamy, can't-mess-it-up risotto. Now I know, the risotto was a big-ole easy softball for the machine, but I still had to try it. I also made same naan bread in the machine, which turned out great. I ground some sirloin for burgers which worked nicely. What was not great, however, was the scrambled eggs. Oh, I was hoping so much for wonderfully creamy, soft, barely cooked eggs. What I finished with was half overcooked, gray and rubbery eggs. The other half? It was the under cooked  runny eggs that shielded the grayness that cooked beneath.

It isn't a wonder machine, but it certainly is cool. I could see it having a place in a small New York City kitchen, with limited counter space. Or possibly in a travel RV that wanted to get the most bang for its buck out of each kitchen tool. Regardless of who the Cooking Chef is right for, it holds the record for most amazing, multi-purpose tool I have seen come through our Test Kitchen.