The Cooking Light bulletin board is ablaze with tips for what to eat during a heat wave. Loads of great suggestions—grain salads, cold soups, and the like. But just as important as what to eat in sweltering weather like this, folks, is what to drink. At the risk of coming off like The Guy Who Really, Really Pushes Gin, I'd like to recommend a drink that's going to become your next signature summer beverage, your cocktail of choice for backyard barbecues: Watermelon and Cucumber Tonic.

Guests will come to demand it, and storm from the house if you've run out—it's that good. In fact, the juice mixture alone—a bracing combination or sugary sweet watermelon, clean cucumber, fresh mint, and lemon juice—is so satisfying, the gin is almost incidental. (And I don't say this lightly.) It also pairs nicely with hammocks and chaise lounges. Cheers!