Canned beans, you've met your match. The delicious refrigerated beans from The Better Bean Company have won my heart--and taste buds--for their unique and tasty take on beans in a flash. When it comes to cooking, I have lots of good intentions and several bags of dried beans stacked in my pantry to prove it. I just always forget to cook them until dinner is five minutes from finished. That leaves me with canned beans, and while they certainly have their place and are good in a pinch, I crave home-cooked toothsome beans that sing with flavor in each bite--something that only comes from slow-cooking with quality ingredients. That's exactly what these beans are.

Speaking of ingredients, you can pronounce every one of the ingredients on these labels. The strangest ingredient might be safflower oil, and if that's the strangest thing on your nutrition panel, well, you're a good product in my mind.

Cuban Black Beans are perfect as a side to our Vegetable and Rice Burritos or Chicken Enchiladas. I like the Rethought Red Beans alongside comfort food like our Skillet Chicken and Vegetables. And if you like a little heat, you'll appreciate the warmth from the three peppers--jalapeno, serrano, and habenero--in the Uncanny Refried Black Beans.

You could try to make something as tasty as these beans, but it would take you years to perfect. Keith Kullberg and his daughter, Hannah, the minds behind Better Bean, have already done that for you. Plus, they're low in sodium, gluten free, and vegan. It hits almost every major picky palate point. And when you're looking for dinner to be done in a flash, there's nothing that compares--not even the trusty canned bean.