Every Friday, we select a new beer, wine, or liquor to put through the tasting gauntlet. Here's our latest pick.

The holidays are upon us, and if you've got a beer lover on your list, look no further than the Duchesse de Bourgogne ($13/750 ml) Belgian red ale.

Underneath its creamy, tan head, this unusual, dark amber brew wakes up the palate with bright green apple and tart cherry notes. Yeasty undertones along with maturation in oak casks help to balance the sour fruit, in addition to a bit of sweetness and a hint of vanilla.

Overall, an interesting and complex beer. Not all of our tasters were big fans, but those that were appreciated that no two sips were the same—each glug brought forward new flavors.

Pair this with: Fruity, sour notes make this brew a nice match for a mixed green salad with a bright vinaigrette. Or try a luscious pork chop with roasted veggies — the ale's effervescence will help cut through pork's rich meatiness.

Give this to: Beer fiends with adventurous taste buds. Lambic lovers will like this, too.