Why limit yourself to only smoothies when your blender has the capacity to do so much more? Invest in a sturdy, high-power blender, and save your time and energy in the kitchen by letting the blender do all the work. 
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Rather than spending your money on superfluous tools and appliances that will only create clutter, keep your kitchens stocked with the basic necessities. Sometimes, that means getting creative with your appliances, and you’ll be impressed with the dishes you can make with just a few tools on hand. One of our favorite kitchen appliances, a blender, is the perfect example of a tool that has endless possibilities.

Don’t have a fancy mixer? Whip up batters in your blender like these fruity blender muffins for a mess-free, one-bowl concoction.

Skip the hassle of an immersion blender for gazpacho and other creamy soups and bisques, like broccoli cheddar or split pea. You’ll be surprised at the ability of your blender to create that signature, smooth consistency. Skip the hassle of having to chop vegetables, herbs, and garlic, and let it do the work instead.

Credit: Greg DuPree

Blend up your favorite sauces, dressings, and marinaras without even looking at your food processor. Some of our favorites include spicy serrano ketchup, mint chutney, and rhubarb BBQ sauce. Don’t stop at sauces-- play around with fresh herb pestos and homemade hummus. If your ingredients are getting stuck in the blade, just add more water or whatever liquid you’re using to loosen up the mixture and achieve the perfect consistency.

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Another fantastic way to put your blender to use is homemade nut butters. While most recipes suggest a high power food processor, the blade of your blender can also do the trick.This one might require a little patience, as the heat generated from the appliance typically has to “roast” the nuts as they are blended into a butter. Add melted coconut oil if you need to loosen up the consistency.

Get creative and invest in a high-power, stationary blender that can withstand whatever it is you’re trying to mix. It’s time you took full advantage of this trusty countertop apparatus and used it to make a plethora of other foods. Because, let’s face it: you’re definitely over green smoothies.