Made for grinding, steeping, and infusing liquids, the Magical Butter Machine is a super versatile appliance that deserves a chance in your kitchen. Perfect for bumping up the flavor of booze, sauces, or oils, it has the potential to change your culinary adventures. 
Credit: Photo: Magical Butter

Whenever something has the word "magical" in its name, I assume it's either a scam or a one-use kitchen product that will quickly begin collecting dust in my cabinets. Thankfully, the Magical Butter Machine is neither of those things.

I couldn't resist opening the email that offered me the chance to try out the Magical Butter Machine. Originally created for use with botanicals (that aren't legal in all 50 states, if you get what I mean), it had the potential of being a one-hit wonder. But I still gave the machine a shot, and have been fascinated by it ever since. Easy to use, and clean, along with it being efficient and fun, the Magical Butter Machine has changed the way I cook. (and we promise, this isn't a paid advertisement)

When it arrived in the mail, I was worried about the amount of space it would take up. It's quite a large, heavy appliance and I have a small apartment kitchen. It soon proved itself to be worth every inch of counter space. The first day, I tested out one of its widely touted uses: infusing alcohol. I combined some gin and lavender and in an hour I had a light purple liquor that tasted like it had been infusing for weeks. Cue me brainstorming the million and one things I can infuse and give away for Christmas.

The way the Magical Butter Machine works is a combination of heating and blending by a small blade that's similar to an immersion blender. Relatively simple to operate, you pour in the ingredients (they have recipes available on their site if you need inspiration), seal the lid, and choose your options. You can pick between one, two, four, or eight hour infusing times, along with options for your preferred temperature. It makes a little bit of noise, due to the tiny blade and motor that runs it, but only enough to make you have to bump up your television volume a notch or two. The best part? It has a self-cleaning option, so you don't even have to worry about scrubbing out the smell of your last concoction.

Credit: Photo: Magical Butter

It isn't purely just for infusing alcohols or oils, it can make fantastic sauces and dressings too. My attempt at vegan fish sauce, which is a soy sauce base with nori and dried shiitake mushrooms, came out with a much deeper flavor than anything I had previously created on the stovetop.

The possibilities are endless, and I can't help but find myself humming "Pure Imagination" from the Willie Wonka soundtrack when I dream up my next creation. In the last month that I've had it, I've infused liquors, vinegars, and oils, while also creating sauces and dressings that blow anything conventionally-made out of the water.  And I haven't even started considering its uses for soups, but as winter weather begins I'm sure you'll find me singing about how it excels at that too.
Why I love the Magical Butter Machine (and you should too):

  • It's ridiculously simple to use: plug it in, press two buttons, wait for delicious food. 
  • It cleans itself. No extra dishes, no scrubbing, it's almost like (dare I say it?) magic!
  • It saves you time. When I made cotton candy grape bourbon (trust us, it's good), our test kitchen coordinator, Mark, could not believe the Magical Butter Machine had achieved the flavor of a bourbon that had been infusing for weeks.
  • It can cut down on food waste. Have herbs on the verge of going bad? Throw them in the machine with some oil. Spinach starting to wilt? Put it in there with some tomatoes and herbs for a green-speckled pasta sauce.
  • It has rainbow lights that dance around on the top that indicate it's currently cooking something. How fun is that?

The Magical Butter Machine is available online and costs $174.95. The kit includes the machine, a heatproof glove, and a purifying filter for extra clear infusions.