This “kitchen tool” shows up in recipes quite often—but what exactly is it?
Credit: Photo: Svetl / Getty

What is cheesecloth?
Cheesecloth is a cotton cloth that is loosely woven and resembles gauze. It comes in seven grades, from open to extra-fine weave. The grade is determined by the amount of threads per inch constructed in each direction.

What is cheesecloth used for?
The primary use of cheesecloth is for making cheese, but it is also a great tool for straining water and capturing solids in various recipes. You might want to have cheesecloth on hand if you’re making homemade almond milk, homemade ketchup, infused oils, fresh fruit drinks, and more.

Where can I buy cheesecloth?
Cheesecloth is widely available in many grocery stores and fabric stores. You will be sure to find some at JoAnn Fabric and Craft Stores, and a natural cotton cheesecloth is available at Bed, Bath & Beyond.