You'll be surprised at how these two tools will totally change your pasta-making game. 
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It's old news that pasta water is a magical substance that should never be thoughtlessly tossed down the drain. Any professional chef will tell you that the liquid gold is the secret ingredient to making a silky sauce that sticks perfectly to noodles.

That's why we're tossing our old-school colander and sieve for two simple kitchen tools that are essential for the perfect pasta dish. These tools help keep your noodles intact, while simultaneously reserving a pot full of versatile, starchy water. That's why we love using the duo power of a spider skimmer and a ladle. Yes, it's really that simple.

Credit: Amazon

The spider skimmer gets its name from the web-like wire that makes for the perfect, shallow spoon. The tool can be used for removing items from frying oil, pulling boiled eggs from water, and removing pasta from water without dumping it into a strainer. You can purchase a stainless steel spider strainer for about $10 on Amazon

Credit: Amazon

Once you use your spider skimmer to pluck the al dente pasta from the boiling water, drop it into your delicious pasta sauce and grab your ladle. This tool is notoriously used for soups and stews, but don't be fooled. While your pasta finishes cooking in the pasta sauce, ladle a few tablespoons of the starchy pasta water into the sauce to optimize the too-good-to-be-true liquid you created. You can purchase a stainless steel ladle for about $12 on Amazon

Of course, this technique only works if you create a pasta water that is full of starchy goodness. Always cook pasta in just enough water to cover it as it boils. This will help keep the starch concentrated in the liquid. Also, be sure to stir the pasta for the first 2 minutes of cooking to keep noodles from sticking together.

With this technique and your perfect kitchen tools, you'll be serving delicious pasta dishes every night.