A cast-iron griddle delivers a crunchy, flavor-packed crust and irresistible table-side sizzle.
Credit: Greg DuPree

It’s hard to beat that sizzling presentation when you bring cooked seafood to the table on a smoking-hot griddle. I refer to the phenomenon as “the fajitas effect.” I know you’ve witnessed it—when someone orders fajitas at a Mexican restaurant, all heads turn as soon as that sputtering pan comes out of the kitchen. A plume of steam fills the room, and soon, everyone’s ordering the same thing. 

The best griddles are made from heavy metal—typically cast iron—and feature a flat surface (not ridged like a grill pan). They’re small enough to fit over one or two burners on a stovetop or a standard grill but big enough to hold a few servings without crowding the portions. 

You’ll want to marinate your seafood before cooking it on a griddle. The superhot pan turns any marinade into an instant crust, adding both flavor and texture. To finish, drizzle a bit of the reserved sauce over the top; then bring the whole griddle to the table, and witness the fajitas effect in action as your family and friends gobble up these delicious, gorgeous scallops.