Improve your spuds with this easy tip.
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Credit: Jennifer Causey

Green beans were often a staple of our regular Sunday suppers at my Granny's house, but the simple addition of the little potatoes with the skin peeled off in the middle was saved for holidays and special occasions. The green beans and potatoes were cooked in flavored chicken stock, and the potatoes would fall apart just enough to coat the beans with starchy goodness (vegetable stock works great, too, if you want to make the dish vegetarian.) We peel the strip off for a couple of reasons: It looks nice, and it helps the potatoes release more starch.

The green beans and potatoes still live on in our yearly menu, only now it's my nieces and nephews who cook it. The dish is just as simple and just as delicious as it was when I had it at Granny's table, and it's still the one thing that officially tells my taste buds that it's a special occasion.

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