If you’re always dealing with dried-out lemon halves in your fridge, we have a solution.
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Credit: Victor Protasio

Using fresh lemons for your citrus juice needs is so much cleaner and tastier than the bottled stuff, but there are times when I need just a squeeze of lemon juice. I frequently find myself cutting off an inch from one end of the lemon just so I can squeeze the juice from that “cap.” But then I have to wrap the remaining lemon in plastic and hope I remember to use it before it goes bad. Sure, I could buy a lemon-specific holder that may extend the lemon’s shelf life, but I hate one-use gadgets (except this one).

It turns out, there’s a better way for when you need just a *little bit* of lemon juice. I discovered this helpful trick, and I’ve never looked back. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Roll the lemon on the counter to break up the membranes.
  2. Pierce the non-stem end with a sharp skewer, heavy pin, corn cob holder, or toothpick.
  3. Squeeze as needed.
  4. Return the lemon to wherever you store it (fridge or counter).

When you squeeze the lemon, it will look almost like you’re using one of those plastic lemons of “real” juice—only this is way better. That tiny hole won’t cause the lemon to dry out or oxidize, giving you a few more days to use it up. If you need a measurable amount of lemon juice, go ahead and cut it. But for your “squeeze of lemon” needs, the pinhole trick is the way to go.