Add distinctive taste to your recipes with our favorite honey varieties.
Credit: Credit: aaboikis/Getty

Naturally packed with sweet flavor, honey can be a welcome pantry staple to many recipes. While most of us rely on generic honey from the grocery store, there are a vast range of flavorful options to upgrade your cooking and baking. Some companies, such as Bee Harmony Honey, focus on raising bees in areas where they can draw nectar from specific wild plants. Due to these practices, flavors like berry or sunflower honey naturally exist without any added ingredients. We love the idea of adding sweet flavors without any artificial additives, and below are our 10 favorite ways to use flavored honeys. 

Glazes and Sauces

Adding a dash of honey to simmered sauces or tangy glazes can balance out flavors for a well-rounded addition to any meal. Slather a honey-filled glaze onto your favorite protein before baking and you'll be amazed by the crispy, caramelized texture it helps create.

We recommend using: Clover Honey

Salad Dressing

A drizzle of honey is just what you need to create a balanced salad dressing. Pair it with your favorites acids (citrus fruit juices, vinegars, etc.) and an oil to whip up an easy and delicious dressing. As a bonus, honey also acts a natural emulsifier, meaning your dressing will separate less quickly.

We recommend using: Berry Honey


Who knew it was so simple to make candy at home? Needing just one ingredient, this easy Honey Taffy will definitely highlight the flavor profiles of each variety. Make some for a sweet treat to keep at home, or wrap them up in pretty packaging to gift to friends. 

We recommend using: Sunflower Honey


Usually erring on the savory side, a pan of cornbread can be seriously upgraded with just a drizzle of honey. If you want to change things up even more, use a spicy variety for a sweet and fiery hit.

We recommend using: Chile-Infused Honey

Fruit Salads

Jazz up your favorite fruit combos by adding a dash of honey. Although fruit is naturally sweet, you can create a deeper flavor profile by using just a little bit of strong-tasting honey to toss into the mix. 

We recommend using: Berry Honey

Baked Goods

Elevate your baking game with a touch of honey. Sweet treats like banana bread and muffins are upgraded with a drizzle, while some recipes (like our Chocolate Baklava) put honey in as a featured ingredient. 

We recommend using: Sunflower Honey


One of the most popular ways to use honey, adding a dollop to a cup of tea can seriously brighten up your next mug-full. Besides tea, swirling honey into coffee, or even cocktails, can make for a delightful beverage. 

We recommend using: Clover Honey


Start the day with a touch of sweetness by adding honey to your favorite dishes. Oatmeal, granola, and even waffles can benefit from a dollop. If you're looking for more of a grab-and-go option, these Granola Cups with Yogurt and Berries are a staff favorite.

We recommend using: Orange Blossom Honey

Dessert Dip

While a bowl of fruit by itself is a great snack option, things get even more fun when you add a dip. Store-bought options, like caramel sauce or Nutella, usually rely on copious amounts of sugar. Instead, make a healthy sweet dip by combining Greek yogurt, honey, and a spoonful of your favorite nut butter.

We recommend using: Sunflower Honey

Jams and Jellies

Notoriously high in sugar, jams and jellies can be naturally sweetened with the addition of honey. Combine your favorite seasonal fruits, honey, and any herbs you desire for a perfect spread that will upgrade toast, sandwiches, and more.

We recommend using: Berry Honey