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Photo: Jennifer Causey

Microwaving beets isn't as scary as it sounds.

Jaime Ritter
November 06, 2017

At Cooking Light, we're big fans of beets. Once an underdog vegetable boiled into submission (and occasionally used as a form of childhood punishment), the gorgeous ruby veg now shines as a star ingredient in flavorful recipes like Beet Salad with Bacon and Onion, a Tricolored Beet Tart, or this Can't Be Beet Goat Cheese Pie

There's just one caveat with beets: They're way better fresh, and roasting beets can be a pretty involved, time-intensive process. Cooking Light's Executive Editor (and apparent keeper of all beet secrets), Ann Pittman, shared a time-saving hack she uses at home. Get ready for it—she microwaves her beets.

When she told me she microwaves her beets, visions of exploding red shards and a stained microwave filled my head (I'm not dramatic at all). To avoid an unwanted mess, there's a very specific technique Ann swears by.

First, take your beets, pierce them several times with a sharp knife, and wrap them in microwave-safe parchment paper. Then, microwave on high for 5-6 minutes (if you have several beets, increase cooking time to 10-12 minutes per pound). After they cool, peel the skin and enjoy!

Now that you know how to make fork-tender beets in under 10 minutes, your winter meals are about to get a lot more colorful and delicious.