Shake up dinner with a gorgeous stromboli ring. Though it may look difficult to make, it's actually quite easy. Just follow our step-by-step instructions for this tasty alternative to pizza.
Credit: Photo: Greg Dupree

Most store-bought pizza dough comes in 1- or 1 1/2-pound portions, but you only need 12 ounces for this recipe. Use the leftovers to make breadsticks or flatbread the next day.

Step 1

Credit: Photo: Greg Dupree

Spoon filling down the center of the dough; create tabs by cutting diagonal slits about 1/2 to 1/4 inch apart on either side.

Step 2

Credit: Photo: Greg Dupree

Fold dough tabs over filling. Pinch tabs together over center of filling to seal and hold dough in place as it bakes.

Step 3

Credit: Photo: Greg Dupree

Carefully and slowly bring the ends of the dough together to form a circle.

Step 4

Credit: Photo: Greg Dupree

Once dough comes together into a circle, pinch the ends together to seal the ring and hide the seam.

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