The Food Network star proves you don't need an egg slicer for perfectly chopped eggs.


When it comes to simplifying complicated dishes, the Pioneer Woman is definitely ahead of the game. When she's not filming or working on her latest must-have kitchen additions, Ree Drummond has been known to take to her social media platforms and share some culinary pearls of wisdom.

As you gear up to execute the perfect Easter spread, there's a signature Pioneer Woman prep hack that can save you major time—and reinvent a kitchen gadget that you probably already have sitting in your cabinet.

With just a flick of her wrist, Drummond uses her cooling rack to effortlessly chop her hard-boiled eggs into perfect bite-sized pieces. You, too, can adopt this strategy to create a classic egg salad or as savory salad toppers for later in the week.

Take cooked, peeled hard-boiled eggs and gently push them through the grates of your cooling rack—just remember to stick a bowl underneath to catch your perfectly chopped pieces.

While you may already have the knife skills to tackle a dozen hard-boiled eggs, Drummond says this hack will give you nearly perfect results in just a few seconds, and is the best way to deal with any Easter leftovers you might have.

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