Here's how to get rid of annoying coffee stains and rings once and for all. 
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My desk tends to collect coffee mugs throughout the day with varying levels of undrunk coffee or tea in them. That telltale (and gross) brown stain around the inside often doesn’t come out in the dishwasher. It’s even stubborn with dish soap and a washcloth.

If I lived alone and never had any visitors, I might not care, but I was raised in a house that was perpetually “ready for company.” Thus, I find myself caring what the insides of my mugs look like (especially if I have to look at a brown coffee ring. Yuck!)

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I tried scrubbing with dish soap, and that did the trick (but it required a lot of elbow grease.) Finally, I found an easier solution. Enter that favorite of all household cleaners and wunderkind of the pantry: baking soda.

Here’s how to tackle those nasty rings inside of your coffee mug. Simply pour a quick sprinkle of baking soda into the empty mug. Give it a quick swish with a damp washcloth, but don’t add water—we need the abrasiveness of the soda to come in contact with the stains. While you swish, marvel as your mug is restored to like-new brightness. Rinse it out and wash as desired. Bonus: Your company will never know how icky that mug was.