Stuffed pork loin gets oohs and aahs at the table. Our expert tips for better butterflying and genius twine-tying make it easy, too.

By Tim Cebula
November 29, 2017
Victor Protazio

You need to know this basic technique that delivers dazzling results. Beautifully butterflied and stuffed, this pork loin is a surefire hit, but our vibrant winter salad easily holds its own at the table. Here's how to master it.

Photo: Victor Protazio

Step 1: Butterfly

Slice along a long side of loin, 3/4 inch from board. With knife parallel to board, continue slicing lengthwise; roll pork out right to left (if you're right-handed).

Caitlin Bensel

Step 2: Spread Smart

The first layer is prosciutto, which seasons the loin from inside as it roasts, while moisture from the broccoli rabe retains the prosciutto's supple, buttery texture.

Victor Protazio



Step 3: Knot Securely

For a snug tie, use a surgeon's knot: Loop the ends of the twine together, and then loop a second time before tying the knot—the extra friction holds the twine fast.

Victor Protazio

Step 4: Steam-Roast

Lean pork loin dries out easily. Wine and stock in the roasting pan, covered loosely with foil, creates a sauna for the pork, which in turn flavors the meaty jus.

Victor Protazio