Don't settle for sad, soggy tofu. 
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Credit: Photo: D.Jiang / Getty

Oh, tofu. This beloved block of bean curd often holds such wondrous flavor potential, but for so many it turns into a pale, mushy blob on their plate. Thankfully, there's an easy solution available to banish all of your tofu troubles and help you create delicious meals: The TofuXpress

Naturally packed with water, tofu needs to be pressed before being marinated or cooked to achieve an ideal firm texture. There are various hacks listed online for how to properly drain and press tofu. Wrap it in paper towels, freeze it, put heavy cookbooks on top of it, and more — but those methods all pale in comparison when the TofuXpress is introduced. 

Credit: Photo: Amazon

Made from heavy duty thermoplastic and stainless steel, the TofuXpress works as both a press and a convenient container for marinating. Simply place the tofu into the plastic container, lock in the spring-loaded top, and it will automatically start putting pressure on the tofu. Within minutes, the tool will have removed a large amount of the water, while keeping the tofu block intact and not squished.

Once your tofu is properly drained, you can simply mix up your favorite marinade and pour it into the TofuXpress to infuse flavor for as long as you'd like. Clean up afterward is easy since the tool is dishwasher-safe. You can purchase the TofuXpress with a one year warranty for $40 on