Don't toss that jar!
Credit: Photo: Emilija Manevska / Getty Images

We've all been there. You've gotten down to the very bottom of a jar of honey and there's practically no way to get the remaining syrupy goodness out. Don't trash that almost-empty container, 'cause there are still several good uses for it. Get the last of your remaining honey and create some delicious dishes with our five fun suggestions below. From snacks to sauces, we've got you covered.

Salad Dressing

Honey adds a touch of sweetness to balance out salad dressings. Make your own by adding a few tablespoons each of olive oil and red wine vinegar to your honey jar and vigorously shaking it. Season with salt, pepper, and any dry or fresh herbs you desire. 

Overnight Oats

Make your morning easier by prepping a batch of overnight oats ahead of time. Using whatever fresh fruit you have on hand, whip up one of our easy overnight oat recipes in your honey jar. As a bonus, the jar will allow you to take breakfast on-the-go if you're strapped for time. 

Go Nuts

Honey-roasted nuts are a popular flavor, so why not create your own at home? Pick your favorite nut variety (we love almonds or peanuts for this) and add them to your honey jar. Sprinkle with any desired seasonings, like cinnamon or rosemary, and close the jar before shaking vigorously. These are great to eat as a salad topper, granola mix-in, or just as-is.

Honey Butter

Nothing amps up baked goods better than a smear of honey butter. To create this beloved condiment, simply add softened butter into your honey jar and mix it up with a spoon or miniature whisk. You can keep it as-is, or add flavor with a dash of pumpkin spice or a few drops of vanilla extract. Serve on rolls, toast, and more. 


Just like salad dressings, marinades can benefit from a touch of sweetness. To make an easy Asian-inspired marinade in your honey jar, add in low-sodium soy sauce, minced fresh garlic and ginger, a dash of sesame oil, and a few glugs of rice wine vinegar. Shake vigorously and then pour over your favorite protein for marinating.