We tested 6 whole-wheat English muffins. All had 220mg of sodium or less.

OUR FAVORITEThomas' Hearty Muffins 100% Whole Wheat$2.69 (6 muffins)120 calories, 220mg sodium, 3g fiberThese muffins rank first for their superior texture and crunchy cornmeal crust. You'll relish the airy, craggy texture–great for trapping butter and jam. And the hint of natural wheat sweetness makes it enjoyable on its own. One muffin contains 25g whole grains.

ALSO GOODNature's Own 100% Whole Wheat$2.28 (6 muffins)120 calories, 180mg sodium, 3g fiberWith a pleasantly chewy mouthfeel and up-front whole-grain flavor, these English muffins are the perfect mate to your favorite morning spreads. Their neutral flavor makes them ideal for both sweet and savory applications. One muffin contains 24g whole grains.