We tried 16 bottled roasted peppers and rested the two finalists in our Roasted Red Pepper Dip to select the favorite.

OUR FAVORITEMancini Sweet Roasted Peppers$2.99 (12 ounces)Most of the peppers we tested were stored in oil or vinegar, which sometimes gave them an astringent or metallic taste. The water brine for these peppers kept the flavors fresh and natural, making them ideal for pizzas, salads, and, of course, pureeing for romesco sauce.

ALSO GOODDeLallo Roasted Piquillo Peppers in Water$4.31 (12 ounces)Piquillo peppers are slightly smaller than bell peppers and pack a sweet, smoky flavor. These peppers had a water brine, too, so their natural sweetness shines. Try them in a creamy pepper soup, in a quiche, or even stuffed and grilled.