It's a little known fact (or a well known fact, for obsessive snackers like me) that fresh apples pose a serious problem as an office munchie. One: They're juicy, meaning sticky hands and thus, sticky keys. Two: They leave you one handed. Three: The "lemon juice on apple slices" trick is great if you don't mind a serious lemon kick to your fruit, and brown slices, no matter how harmless, are just plain unappealing.

Enter Horizon's Apple Clusters. These are little globes of crunchy apple heaven: dried apple bits that are airy and crisp, not gummy, no added sugar, and a touch of cinnamon. I loved that these weren't overly sweet (easy to do when it's an apple product rather than the fruit itself). The four ingredients--apples, apple juice, apple fiber, and cinnamon--are organic. Each individually portioned pouch (4 to a box) is plenty for a serving, and just 60 calories. And (big bonus here) no sticky fingers! I bet astronauts would love these little guys. Until NASA gets the memo, I'll keep a few packs at my desk and in my car.

Horizon Apple Clusters are one of 24 snacks we awarded a Taste Test Award. The clusters are available at grocery stores nationwide now. Use Horizon's Product Locator to find a store nearest you. See all the winners--and find out if your favorite brands are among them--in our 2015 Taste Test Awards.

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