So, there's a gimmick with this little packet of carrots. You tear open the corner to release ranch seasoning, which you then shake onto the veggies. I have to admit: I was highly skeptical of this snack. I expected an unpleasant dried herb overload, but wow was I surprised when I munched my first carrot. The flavor is remarkably fresh and highly savory—so much so that I was won over completely.

Other than the delicious, crave-worthy taste, I see two main benefits of the clever built-in flavor packet: First, that zesty ranch flavor, combined with the supreme crunch of carrots, ends up satisfying a junk food craving—for a mere 25 calories per serving! Second, amping up the flavor of carrots in such a big and convenient way might just get more folks eating veggies. I'm not just thinking about kids, though wouldn't it be great to see children clamoring for carrots? I'm looking at us grown-ups, too. A recent report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention shows that less than 9% of American adults eat the recommended 2 to 3 cups of vegetables each day. Hey, if some way-tasty carrots can get us munching more healthfully, that's A-OK with me!

Bolthouse Farms Veggie Snacks in Carrot Meets Ranch is one of 24 snacks we awarded a Taste Test Award. See all the winners--and find out if your favorite brands are among them--in our 2015 Taste Test Awards.

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