A frozen fruit pop is childhood nostalgia. In one single bite, I'm instantly transported back to summer camp. Covered in bug spray and sunscreen with a hand-beaded name tag around my neck, I loved having a frosty treat on the edge of the creek that flowed near my camp's snack hut.

Back then, of course, frozen fruit pops were sugar and "fruit"-flavored concoctions. Today's pops, however, are much smarter. Take Ruby Rocket's, for example. These fruit- and veggie-packed pops load in pomegranate, beet juice, sweet potato, and butternut squash—and that's in one bite. (Other brands, like Nestle's Outshine, are similar with their fruit and veggie use.) The low-sugar frozen treat—each pop has between 4 and 6 grams of sugar—uses non-GMO produce. Most of it is organic as well. Another set of perks: They are dairy-free and gluten-free.

The Rock-It Red and Gravity Grape flavors have been available for a while, but the newest member of their squad, Far Out Fudge, is my new favorite. If you're going for a full-on chocolate fudge experience, you won't get it here. You will still taste some of the earthy notes of the beet and sweet potato. The date flavor is heavy, but not unwelcomed unless you're not a date fan. The Dutch cocoa is strong but not overpowering. I wouldn't call this a chocolate-forward sweet. Instead, it's a well balanced pop that features hints of warm chocolate.

Did I mention that each pop is only 40 calories? That's right!

They're sweet, but sometimes the veggie notes come through a little aggressively for some palates. Still, for kids (or for your late night sweets craving), these pops are a fun way to give in to a sweet tooth with a bit more healthful benefit.