Elisabeth Prueitt's new cookbook delivers simple, hearty food for busy but conscientious family cooks, along with signature sweet treats.

By Ann Taylor Pittman
Updated: April 25, 2017
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Photo: Paige Green

Elisabeth Prueitt wants to inspire people to get in their kitchens and cook. Prueitt, co-founder of Tartine Bakery & Cafe and Tartine Manufactory in San Francisco and co-author of Tartine, aims to do just that in her new solo book, Tartine All Day: Modern Recipes for the Home Cook. With 200 practical, delicious recipes, it's a book meant to live in the kitchen, one she hopes will make people "want to jump up and make something."

Photo: Laurey W. Glenn

Prueitt herself is a busy working mom, and so her cooking has become more simplified over the years. Recipes like Spring Risotto and Pan-Roasted Eggplant are easy yet elegant, while dishes like Ceci Cacio e Pepe (roasted chickpeas flavored like the pasta dish cacio e pepe) showcase Prueitt's creativity. Nowhere does her innovation shine more, though, than with her desserts. A classically trained pastry chef with gluten intolerance, Prueitt has gone through "years of trial and error and finding new grains to work with" to perfect her gluten-free desserts. A robust chapter showcases some of her favorites.

Featured here is one of the simplest and most beautiful desserts from the book. Champagne becomes gelée with the addition of a little gelatin and sugar. "It's festive," Prueitt says, "because Champagne just is festive. And it's easy to make." We think that, with celebratory Champagne and strawberries, it also makes a lovely way to honor Mom on Mother's Day.

View Recipe: Champagne Gelée with Strawberries

Recipe from Tartine All Day, Lorena Jones Books, $40, 384 pages