One of my dearest friends is about to hit a major birthday milestone, and sadly I won't be with her to celebrate. I'll be sending her a rather humorous birthday card and a great gift, but I wanted to send her something I know she'll really love: candy. After all, who doesn't love candy?

Sure, I could package a few bags of candy and mail those to her, but Sugar Wish makes the process much more personal and quite cute. Sugar Wish will send your friend or sweetie an eCard that details the gift they've just received. Gifts start at $25 for 4 quarter-pound bags of candy. The price includes shipping, too. When they're ready to fulfill their Sugar Wish, they can pick from a variety of nostalgic and favorite candies (candy necklaces, anyone?), and the shipment will be sent right to their door.

The best part about this gift is the small quantities. I don't want to overload my friend with bags of candy she'll have to slowly work through over months to come (many other gift options send a lot of candy). Instead, I've given her smaller, more manageable quantities. And I'll encourage her to share, of course.

I recently had a Sugar Wish sent to me, and I was very impressed with the package's wrapping and attention to detail. It feels elegant but fun. The candy selection, while not as great as an actual candy store, is quite large. (More Jelly Belly options, please!) Another option I'd love to see: some dried fruit selections. Sure, it's not candy, but the naturally-sweet foods would be welcome alongside my Sour Patch Kids for days when I need a sweet pick-me-up in a more natural way.

Other great reasons to send a Sugar Wish: college finals, graduation, job promotions, or just to tell someone you're thinking about them. Now, who wants to send me another one? I'm running low on chocolate-covered raisins.