With summer right around the bend, it’s a fine time to saddle up with your go-to tequilas for all tequila-type situations. Personally, I love silver and white tequilas' lightness and grace for warm weather months, so that’s what we’re looking at here. From straight sipping to all sorts of mixing, these are the bottles CL’s tasting team is loving now.


For Straight Sipping: Herradura

This is a tequila that’s a joy to have visit your tongue, but doesn’t leave any lingering flavor once swallowed—i.e., an incredibly polite mouth guest. Described as a sip-grade crafted tequila, Herradura’s silver is aged in oak barrels for 45 days in order to intensify its lightly smoky agave sweet flavor. Exceptionally clean and smooth, the Herradura offers light fragrances of fruit and eucalyptus and finishes with warming woody notes. Recommended use: Share with tequila-avoidant friends who were somehow (let’s be real, there are too many ways tequila things can turn ugly) traumatized by subpar, esophagus-eating tequila experiences. A revelation will likely happen. It will likely be beautiful., $35-$40

For Classic Marg Mixing: Tres Agaves

Tres Agaves’ Tequila Blanco is everything we want a margarita tequila to be: impeccably clean, a little spicy, mildly sweet, lightly floral, and delicate on the palate. The Blanco’s flavors aren’t complicated with aging, allowing its bright herbaceous notes to shine through uninhibited in a classic margarita. Bonus to the Tres Agaves crew—their organic mixers are totally on point. Our tasting team especially loved mixing margs to taste using the Tres Agaves Agave Nectar and fresh lime juice. But for total convenience sake, TA’s classic Margarita Mix cannot be beat. Not overly sweet and full of fresh citrus flavor, this is one of the better mixes I’ve encountered in my imbibing.

For More Complex Cocktailing: Cruz

Because of its earthy sweetness and general intensity, our tasters distinguished Cruz Silver as a tequila for grownups; so if you’re just breaking into tequilas, you may want to work your way up to this one. Although we definitely enjoyed sipping it straight, this is the kind of tequila you want to work into more intricate cocktails to add depth and a wow—what’s going on here? factor. With rich, almost mezcal-esque smokiness, Cruz is gonna encourage you to be adventurous with your tequila mixery … please listen to it.