The best part about working at Cooking Light? Tasting new healthy snacks before they hit the grocery shelves. With our help, you’ll choose the best store-bought products in both taste and nutrition. Snack smarter with these new winning picks.

Squeaky PopsAn adorable mom-and-pop duo are behind these fruit-based popsicles. Frustrated with a lack of high-quality options for children in the frozen treats department, the couple set out to create their own. The pops are available ($4 to $6) at Whole Foods, Harris Teeter, Giant, and Jewel.

Peachy Orange

Editor's Notes:

"Very peachy and sweet."

"Yummy - sort of had a hint of coconut. Is that just cause it tastes like summer?"

"Good balance of peach and orange."

Strawberry Lemonade

Editor's Notes:

"Delicious! Bright and zesty."

"That is goooood."

"Mild, not too sweet."


Editor's Notes:

"Want more strawberry, less sweet flavor."

"A little too sweet. Strawberry flavor was just okay."

"Would love more strawberry flavor."

Very Berry

Editor's Notes:

"Can't determine what berry I'm tasting."

"Good flavor, but not very strong and not sure what the berry is."

"Not strong enough compared to others."

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