Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. It comes right at the start of fall when the weather and the leaves begin to change, and it gives way to beautiful and rich fall colors and warm and cozy fabrics. It is the perfect start to the holiday season. Here are a few tips on how to turn the beauty of the fall season into the perfect accents for your Halloween style.

Layer with different materials to give your table a styled feel. Try using materials that complement one another with color or texture. Use fine art papers instead of traditional placemats. This Slate Marble on Cream Fine Paper was a great way to add pattern and tie the colors of the table together. Look for tableware and serving vessels that will add a sense of drama to your party like these black matte Bare Dinnerware Plates. Have fun with your drinks and serve red wine and cocktails in a variety of vessels. From coupe to stemless and glass to metal, you can really mix it up. Thrift stores and antique shops are great places to find interesting cups.


Add warmth to the table by bringing in the colors of fall. Before you head to your local flower shop, walk outside and forage your neighborhood for leaves and flowers. Gather leaves from a variety of trees, which will add different shapes and colors to your arrangements. Hydrangeas begin to dry in the fall and are a perfect way to mix up scale. Use bud vases to add little pops of fall throughout the space. Check out the Minimalist Bud Vases from Honeycomb Studio. They are elegant and will make a statement on even the spookiest of tables.



Setting the mood. Mix and match chunky candles with tiny glowing votives. Scatter them all over the table, and forget the overhead lights. Try to stick to only one or two different colors to avoid looking cluttered. Just remember to keep an eye out for any fire hazards.

I hope that this will be a Halloween to remember. Take some pictures of your decorations, and let us see what you have done by including #cookCL in your description.

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