I have this theory about pretzels, in that everyone loves them. If you find someone who doesn’t love pretzels, you should excommunicate them from your life because that’s messed up. We got to take a sample of Snyder’s Oktoberfest Pretzels, and I jumped at the chance to get some nibbles in. The reviews are in, and we’re happy about it.

First thing that should be stated is that these pretzels are ENORMOUS. So large that I wouldn’t advise eating them in public. One pretzel, at 120 calories and 270mg sodium, is enough for a great snack!

That being said, they are delicious and perfectly salted. I would advise pairing them with your favorite beer, but here are a few of my favorites just to get you started. (Yes, they’re all craft because I’m a self-diagnosed hipster).



Happy Oktoberfest, friends!

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