‘Tis the season of crowded gyms and fitness class coupons! As the gyms fill up, the need for hydration is steadily growing…and my addiction to sparkling water is off the charts. Those tiny little bubbles of happiness get me through the second half of the day. There’s something so satisfying in opening a carbonated beverage and hearing that crisp sound released. At least my addiction is a healthy one, and one that’s quickly on the rise.

Given our country’s new fascination with healthier living, sparkling water is becoming high in demand. Coca-Cola’s smartwater is answering that call with a sparkling water of their own. We’re hoping this has something to do with sales of flavored sodas being on the decline. With the addition of electrolytes, this sparkling water will make an excellent post-workout beverage. I can’t seem to think of anything as refreshing.

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