Condiments aren't new. We all have our trusted brands. Ketchup, mustard, mayonnaise—plain, basic, boring. In recent years, however, condiment innovators like Sir Kensington's and Hampton Creek have upped the sauces game. Today, their dip and spread game is stronger than ever, and the big brand sauces are starting to take notice (has anyone else noticed the large variety of "blended" ketchups available on grocery store shelves lately?).

Case in point: Dijonnaise. It's one of Sir Kensington's newest releases (the other, Special Sauce, I'll share with you later), and it is what every sandwich, French fry, or other handheld food needs this summer.

The Dijon-mayo condiment is at once sharp (like a good Dijon mustard), creamy (like only the best mayonnaises), and insanely addictive, as any good condiment should be. Forget what you serve it with—just give me a vessel for dipping Dijonnaise. We tried the sauce with tortilla chips, French fries, a turkey sandwich, even a fried egg. All divine—and if we had not run out of sauce, I'm sure we could have found a few more ways to try it. (A dip for Brussels sprouts, anyone?)

The ingredients are simple: sunflower oil, egg yolks, mustard seed, water, organic distilled vinegar, lemon juice, organic sugar, salt, black pepper, and citric acid. The nutrition facts, comparable to a lower-fat mayonnaise: 1 tablespoon has just 90 calories, 10g fat, 1g sat fat, 0g sugar, and 135mg sodium.

It's made with the care and attention Sir Kensington's has come to be known for. They use non-GMO and all-natural ingredients, free-range eggs, and many of their products are also gluten free. This isn't the brand's first condiment home run, however. We really love their ketchup and spicy brown mustard.

Now, if you'll forgive me, I have to go find an acceptable dipper so I can polish off this jar of Dijonnaise before someone in the office realizes I have any left.

Dijonnaise is available as part of a 4-sauce variety pack at The Summer Quartet pack, which contains 2 (10-ounce) jars of Dijonnaise and 2 (10-ounce) jars of Special Sauce, is $25. The Mayonnaise Variety Quartet, which contains a jar of Dijonnaise, Special Sauce, Sriracha Mayonnaise, and traditional Mayonnaise, is also $25.