It’s the time of year when weekends are filled up with friends, football, and cookouts. We love a good shrimp boil for big gatherings, especially down South, and a great sauce makes all the difference! Here are a few recipe choices you might not have thought about to change it up a little this season!


Spicy Orange Sauce: This will definitely add a kick to your spread! A little tangy but still citrusy and different from the norm!

Rémoulade: Anything with a creamy mayonnaise base you know is going to be good! Substitute veganese if you wish or a plain Greek yogurt to save on sodium.

Sriracha Sauces: I pretty much love sriracha on just about everything, but really love the idea of this particular saucy version of it with my shrimp!

Butter SauceIt’s hard to say no to a great butter sauce. This option is great with its creamy consistency and hint of spice.

Korean Dipping Sauce: Quick and easy to whip up for second option to your traditional sauce!


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