Yes, silly! Flame-kissed greens are one of the best treats of the season. The grill gives salad lettuces depth and complexity: a hint of smoke, some subtle char, a little caramelization. Sadly, many folks don't even consider it an option.

The tricks:- Use sturdy lettuce. Think romaine, radicchio, even iceberg if that's your thing. But butter lettuce will just wilt and die sadly, and mache is completely out of the question.

- Grill the lettuce heads in large chunks. Split a small head of radicchio in half, for instance, and quarter heads of romaine or iceberg.

- Be quick about it. This shouldn't take long. A minute or two over a hot fire on each cut side should give you the slight char and surface browning you want. When they're ready, pull them from the grill and chop, or serve the wedges whole to lend a little visual drama to the salads.

Obviously, you can grill any additional components as well, like tomatoes, cukes, onion, or carrots. Personally, I prefer to keep them raw, to savor the contrast between the greens and the other veg. Our recipe for Grilled Caesar Salad—with grilled garlic bread croutons!—will show you how it's done.

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