Beyond his culinary expertise and restaurant success, Chef Richard Blais centers his life around health and nutrition. Here's what the celebrity chef has to say about how Naked cold-pressed juice helps him stay fit and healthy during his busy days. 

With a fresh and health-focused mentality, the chef's brand and Naked Pressed make a perfect partnership. “My brand and Naked are all about fresh, wholesome ingredients, so to me it was pretty natural, and I really think they are delicious,” Blais says. He’s also a huge advocate of the flavors. “I’ve seen the flavors Naked has done and have inspired me to try some of things they have.”

Known for his innovation and incredible balance and complexity in dishes, Blais is the perfect ambassador for Naked. He commented on how well the celery and cucumber come together in the Hearty Greens blend to balance the sweetness and earthiness in the juice. We agree.

Not only do these cold-pressed juices taste delicious, but they also offer a hearty dose of nutrition, while delivering a sweetness with no added sugars or preservatives. For example, the Hearty Greens blend clocks in at 90 calories per bottle, and contains celery, apple, romaine lettuce, cucumber, orange, spinach, lemon, kale wheatgrass and spearmint oil—yum! 

There are five flavors in the cold-pressed line of Naked juice including Bright Greens, Hearty Greens, Bold Beet, Cool Pineapple, and Lively Carrot. While I personally loved the Cool Pineapple, the majority of the Cooking Light staff favored the Bright Greens blend. Blais also mentioned his love for the Cool Pineapple but enjoys all of them and craves the each at different times throughout the day. “They provide little boosts of energy,” said Blais. He likes to think of them as dishes on a menu such as: 

Breakfast: Bright Greens

Lunch: Hearty Greens

Snack: Lively Carrot

Dinner: Bold Beet

Dessert: Cool Pineapple Brilliant, right? I couldn’t agree more. The Bright Greens blend brings a refreshing burst to 

your morning, while the Hearty Greens provides that punch of nutrients you need to get through the afternoon. Lively Carrot delivers a little boost of energy during those 4 o'clock sleepies, while Bold Beet almost feels like a steak dinner, as Blais pointed out. And finally, the Cool Pineapple brings a finishing touch of sweetness (almost Piña Colada-like) to the end of a day.

The partnership with Blais and Naked stretches far beyond flavor because of the importance and focus Blais puts on health and nutrition in his personal life. The juices have actually been clutch to him on his busy days, which is every day. As Top Chef-winner-turned-judged, restaurateur, celebrity chef, Husband, Dad, cookbook author, and so much more, Blais stays busy. But, even through the business he keeps his health and fitness first. He often hops off the plane and immediately squeezes in a run. Impressive. He also turns to the juices instead of donuts, when he needs a boost. Just like he’s committed to being a great chef, he’s committed to his fitness and health. Our kind of chef!

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