We've rounded up the kitchen gadgets you'll need to help achieve your goals for 2020.
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There's nothing more aggravating than a drawer of kitchen tools you don't use. But, a few really good gadgets can make getting in the kitchen each day more pleasant. So to help keep your New Year's momentum going all year long, I've rounded up 9 gadgets to help make cooking easier. Sure, none of these are essential, but each one can make throwing together healthy meals a little quicker, easier, or just more fun.

Sturdy Sheet Pans

Roasting is one of the easiest (I'm talking toss-with-a-little-oil-garlic-and-salt-and-then-throw-in-a-hot-oven kind of easy) and tastiest ways to prepare vegetables, so a sturdy nonstick sheet pan is always great to have in the kitchen. Veggies need space to roast, so go bigger if in doubt.

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Instant Pot

I held off purchasing one of these for a long time, thinking these revamped pressure cookers were just a passing fad. But I finally gave in last year, and I have to admit I really love this appliance, particularly for meal prep at the start of a week. Cooking Light Diet member Liz Striegl (who lost 128 pounds with her husband!) agrees with that philosophy, adding that she uses it to get grains, legumes, stocks, and other meal components prepped for the week or in the freezer for quick, healthy meals. And don't feel pressure to get one with all the bells and whistles: There are lots of electric pressure cookers with 4.5 star ratings or higher for less than $100.

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Cast-Iron Skillet

"I love and use my cast-iron skillets almost daily," said Cooking Light Diet member Patricia Reidy Lawrence, when asked what tools make healthy cooking easier. She also cited cast-iron skillets' versatility in terms of it going directly from stovetop to oven. This is something I've found helpful, too, particularly when cooking chicken or pork tenderloin. I sear and season poultry and meat on the stovetop, then finish off the cooking process in the oven to keep the meat juicy and tender. The seasoned coating also provides a natural nonstick surface.

Avocado Sock

Incorporating a little healthy fat increases satiety at a meal, and one of my favorites to add to tacos, eggs, toast, grain bowls, wraps, and salads are avocados. Diced, sliced, or mashed, it's hard to go wrong if you've got a ripe one. If not, you can wait a few days. Or stick it in the Avocado Sock overnight. The concept sounds crazy, but the small wool bag has been my fix for perfectly ripening an avocado overnight. Definitely not an essential cooking item, but if you're an avocado lover, it's worth trying.

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One of the keys to creating really good food that's also good for you is incorporating ingredients with big flavor profiles; fresh garlic, ginger, lemon zest, and freshly grated Parmesan cheese upgrades dishes. A small amount of one or two ingredients added to the right dish can upgrade it instantly, so consider a microplane to make prepping all of these easier. This handheld tool is a small-scale grater that creates a finer end product and has a more ergonomic design.

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Kitchen Scale

When Cooking Light Diet Community members were polled to find out what their favorite kitchen tools were, a digital kitchen scale topped the list for many. Joanne Zuccaro Devaney said, "I weigh everything. Even my uncooked pasta." And Mary Gresham Dee felt the same way. "I'm also on the kitchen scale bandwagon. I never got pasta right and always ended up with too little or too much." We recommend spending $5 to $10 extra for a digital version to get the most accurate readings.

The Pampered Chef Mix N Chop

This gadget is a favorite among several Cooking Light Diet members, like Lauren Appell Aronson. It was new to me at first but quickly became a helpful tool. Instead of using my spatula to brown and crumble ground beef or my potato masher to macerate berries, I can use the Mix N Chop. Aronson says she finds it particularly helpful when cooking ground meat and poultry "to get that perfect consistency."

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Immersion Blender

"My immersion blender!" was Kaylee Hammonds' immediate answer to our Cooking Light Diet poll of favorite kitchen gadgets. And I have to agree because it's one of my favorites, too. A good immersion blender is equally efficient when it comes to mixing smoothies, pureeing soups, and blending dips and sauces like hummus, but it takes up a lot less space than a blender or food processor. Another plus is that there's less equipment clean up.

Reusable Containers for Meal Prep

Sticking with healthy eating is always easier when I can prep a few meals or ingredients for the coming week, and a set of reusable containers to hold individual meals is essential. Portability, likelihood of leaks, and number of compartments are all things to take into consideration before selecting the right containers for you.
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