End up with a pie that both looks and tastes delicious with these simple steps and recipes.
Credit: Randy Mayor

There's more than one way to prepare a piecrust. In the pie at left, courtesy of our Test Kitchens, we flute the edge before filling, then lay the lattice in, pressing it gently into the side. But our Fresh Cherry Pie recipe suggests latticing the top, then crimping. After testing each technique, we're happy to say both work, and the results will delight the eyes as much as the palate. You'll need enough dough (homemade or defrosted frozen pie shells) for two crusts: one for the pie plate, the other to create the lattice.

1. Press one piecrust into pie plate, making sure there are no air bubbles, then tuck extra dough under edges.

2. Pinch dough with thumb and index finger of one hand, while pressing inward with thumb of other hand.

3. Return to reserved piecrust, and use a pastry cutter to cut 10, 1⁄2-inch-wide strips to cover top of pie.

4. Pour filling into pie. Then work from center outward laying one strip horizontally, then one vertically.

5. Continue alternating strips, leaving about 1⁄2 inch between each, as you weave them over and under.

6. Be sure each strip is long enough to reach the edge of the pie, then push them into the side to seal in place.