Let me just say, I love—and I do mean love—a good food hybrid. Like when fate blessed me into being present in the test kitchen the day The Cheeseburger Salad came into existence, I was over the moon with delight. Now, I admit some hybrids can get out of hand, but a good food hybrid accomplishes 3 simple things:

1. It brings two foods that are delicious on there own together in a way that is equally delicious. There is no elevation by association going on here, this must be a partnership of strong individual players (which is what guarantees an exceptionally strong product of collaboration).

2. It delights people. Be it with novelty, tastiness, or both of these factors and then some—a good food hybrid makes people happy.

3. It solves a dilemma. Oftentimes, it's a dilemma you didn't even know you had. But once you know you had the dilemma via it being solved before your eyes... you realize ignorance isn't bliss. Food hybrids can be enlightening culinary experiences.That brings us to this recipe, the Steak and Mushroom Pizza-Dilla. It this gooey savory situation flawlessly hits all 3 points mentioned above with ease:

1. Pizza meets quesadilla... I don't think that requires further explanation.2. If hearing "We're having pizza-dillas for dinner!" fails to bring delight to your heart, I actually don't know how to help you.3. The pizza-dilla offers a quick and easy route to the soul-warming pizza flavors you know and crave, without question. I'm all about some DIY pizza nights, but those require planning and time and patience with manipulating dough that I straight-up don't have on a Tuesday night. Now, melty mozzarella and umami-rich toppings enveloped in a handheld tortilla package with marinara sauce for dipping? That's inspired, and that's really easy for me to accomplish after work. That, my friends, is satisfying a pizza craving and getting dinner getting on the table like a pro without dialing up Domino's.

Point being—long live the Pizza-dilla.

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