Twitter is low-key one of the best places to look for food-centric humor.
Credit: Twitter @juwlie_

Twitter is a great place for keeping track of everything going on in the world. Twitter is also, it must be said, a great place for hilarity—and is there anyone out there who can’t benefit from a great big laugh these days? So with that in mind, we’ve collected 11 of our favorite food tweets from the last few days. Follow us (sorry, shameless plug), and send us your favorite food tweets!

So, the Denny’s account is freakin’ hilarious. Seriously, follow them. But this caught our eye today, and we couldn’t stop laughing.

This guy is amazing. His tweets aren’t always food-centric, but they are always funny. And this is so true, sometimes:

We all know someone like this:

Too, too true!

Who out there can relate to this?

Do YOU have a special pet name for your plant-based partner? (We especially love the trademark.)

We feel you, buddy.

Everyone, when they’re hangry.

Remember the first time you meal prepped?

You’ll always have our hearts, Cookie Monster!

And finally, less funny and more sad #truth.