About a year ago, we featured Rachel's Ginger Beer in our 2,000 Calories/10,000 Steps in Seattle story. But the majority of us didn't get the opportunity to even try the ginger beers. So naturally, we've been clamoring to get our hands on some for since then.

RGB is known for being fresh, not too sweet, and unashamedly zingy. They partner with local Seattle farmers to craft their seasonal offerings, producing 32-oz bottles of vibrant and flavorful ginger goodness.

Every flavor impressed us with how juicy and refreshing they were. In fact, the ginger beers inspired a rather spirited conversation: Some argued they should be left as is, undoctored. Others, well, they argued the juices would make smart and unique cocktail mixers with an added ginger kick. No matter how you drink it, we think you'll find something to your liking.

Original: Almost more like a ginger lemonade, the original boasts a naturally humble ingredient list: water, lemon, ginger, organic sugar. The brew is citrusy, light, and clean. A great foundation for a splash of bourbon and a sprig of rosemary.

Pink Guava: The ringing favorite! Words like lovely and delightful were thrown around a few times. The guava drinks almost like a sweet, subtle grapefruit with a crisp finish. It would mix well with a lighter spirit like vodka to let the flavor really come through.

White Peach: To be honest, anything touting "peach" is a little terrifying, bringing up bad memories of syrupy juices and artificial popsicles. Fortunately, we were more than pleasantly surprised. It actually tastes like real white peaches! Bright and just perfectly sweet enough, this brew would pair well with gin, to preserve that beautiful color and swirl in some piney notes to enhance the true natural greatness.

Blood Orange: The most flavorful for sure, the Blood Orange is almost palpably thicker due to the bold citrus punch. Nearing too tart for some, we can see this ginger beer standing up to stronger liquors or making for some killer mimosas. Top off your glasses with champagne and call it a day.