A “fast food” that’s whole grain and better than sliced bread? 

Yes, it’s possible. And in my opinion, a perfectly cooked whole grain that’s ready in less than a minute is hands down better than sliced bread. I’d rather take my bread in a loaf anyway… it doesn’t dry out as quickly, and I have the freedom to slice my bread as ultra thin (for, say, crostini) or uber thick (for those yummy open-faced sandwiches) as I please. Not to mention that it takes about 30 seconds to slice a loaf of bread. Precooked grains, on the other hand, can save me over an hour, and that’s not counting cooling time. 

I’d like to introduce you to Village Harvest Frozen Whole Grains. These tasty little time-savers are precooked and frozen at super low temperatures, in a flash-freezing process called cryogenic technology. This process freezes the grains in “suspended animation” (sounds cool, huh?), which allows for no liquid to be frozen, and no starch to be released—which is why other frozen grains tend to clump together. 

What better way to kick off April’s 12 Healthy Habits goal to Go for Whole Grains than with these perfectly cooked kernels of whole grain goodness? Delicious, healthy, and ready in less than a minute, the creative possibilities are endless. They are simple and unflavored, which leaves the seasoning up to you. Heat them up via stovetop or microwave (no water necessary), and stir them into soups or salads, top them off with grilled chicken or fish, or even try them in your baked goods—a crunchy addition to those Sunday morning pancakes.

Village Harvest states you’ll be “instantly grainified,” and indeed we were. 100% whole grain, no added sodium, and lots of filling fiber… we loved every variety of these hearty grains: Farro and Red Rice; Red Quinoa and Brown Rice; Golden Quinoa; Brown, Red, and Wild Rice; and (my personal favorite) Wheatberry and Barley.

Find them in most Whole Foods locations and some Costco wholesale stores, or order them online at

Perfectly cooked whole-grain medleys in less than a minute? Now that’s what I call fast food. 

Try them in some of our favorite whole-grain salad recipes, now ready in minutes: