Good Moscow Mules are made with two ingredients: vodka and ginger beer. (Okay, and maybe a squeeze of lime.) Minus the vodka, a Moscow Mule is just really cold, really delicious ginger beer.

Every bartender that serves me a Moscow Mule will inevitably hear me ask, "Which brand of ginger beer do you use?" Then they'll show me the bottle and staunchly defend their house brew. I like to know because I'm always hunting a really delicious ginger beer.

Outside of a scorching hot summer weekend sipping fest, I like to sip on a glass of ginger beer from time to time because it gives me that fizzy, bursting sensation I love from soda--but without the calories and added undesirable ingredients.

I asked my colleagues here at Cooking Light to try the new Ginger Beer from Q Drinks and give me their opinion. The resounding response: "Is there any more?!"

Here's what a few folks had to say:- "The fizz makes this so fun! And it's super refreshing."- "It's strong! Really hits you in the nose."- "It's spicy, peppery, and fizzy--perfect for a Moscow Mule."- "Wow! Love the ginger kick! It's very spicy."

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