Recently, I made the discovery that sometime in the not-so-distant past (circa mid-2013 by all estimates) I made a decision to give up soft drinks. This was not some line-in-the-sand resolution thing—I will break down and have a Dr. Pepper every now and again, and I will NEVER give up Coke floats. But I spend a lot of time shuttling my kids around the suburbs of Birmingham, AL and ofttimes find myself grabbing a beverage at a gas station or convenience store.

But just because I no longer have a taste for soft drinks doesn't mean I have given up refreshing bubbles. And I can tell you just about every gas station that sells Perrier L'Orange in the Vestavia/Mountain Brook/Homewood triangle. It's tough to navigate the brightly colored high-fructose corn syrup littered world of the beverage coolers at your local convenience store, but a sure bet for crisp refreshment without guilt is Perrier. I like the Orange as it occupies that space between plain ol' water and full-on soft drink. It's not cloying perfume like some flavored waters, but it still gives you a nice citrusy hit. It's a perfect grab-and-go thirst quencher that not only refreshes but leaves me feeling like I made the right choice.

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