This Sunday is Hollywood's big night. Everywhere you look, you'll see bow ties and bangles, diamonds and pearls--and that's just at the viewing party at my house! If you're planning an Oscar Party to enjoy the festivities while you pull for your favorite on-screen stars, we've put together a menu of healthy recipes inspired by the Oscar nominees to serve at your get-together. And this goes almost without saying: Spoiler Alert!

Fig and Lime JamDespicable Me 2Gru tried to give up the villain life by redirecting his minions to making homemade jellies and jam. In the end, he saves the day by blasting the mutant minions with antidote-filled jelly. Go Gru! Try making your own Fig and Lime Jam, perfect spread on bruschetta with a little goat cheese.

Microwave Sweet Potato Chips, American HustleJennifer Lawrence's Long Island housewife character, Rosalyn Rosenfeld, gets a new "science oven" and nearly burns down the kitchen. Try our ingenious Microwave Sweet Potato Chips and don't worry, as Rosalyn did, that you're destroying an ounce of nutrition. (Note: Leave the metal out of the microwave!) And seriously, David O. Russell, we didn't think we could love J Law more, but we do, thanks to you!

Bistro Steak with Red Wine Sauce and Texas Sheet Cake, Dallas Buyers ClubRon Woodruff (Matthew McConaughey) tries to impress Eve (Jen Garner), a doctor at a Houston hospital, by taking her to a steak house and ordering a bottle of their finest cabernet. Impress your own crowd with our super-elegant and superfast Bistro Steak with Red Wine Sauce. And if you need a big dessert to match the big personalities and performances in this movie, our classic Texas Sheet Cake, a fudgy cake topped with a thin, crackly glaze, will be alright, alright, alright with everyone at your gathering.

Sangria Ice, Limoncello Freeze, and Ice Cream Treasures, FrozenIf your darling kids are as Frozen-obsessed as some of the younger ones I know (heck, even some of the adults are positively gaga for this movie), sit back and enjoy (with other adults in the room) our Sangria Ice or Limoncello Freeze while awaiting the results and Idina Menzel's live performance. Need a kid-friendly frozen treat, too? Of course you do. Pick from our Top-Rated Frozen Desserts. May we suggest the playful Ice Cream Treasures?

And for the true Frozen-fanatics… Carrot Salad with a Hit of Heat and Chocolate Frangelico Foundue, FrozenIf you're going all out and putting all your Oscar eggs in the Frozen basket, we've got a few more ideas for you. Kristoff's reindeer, Sven, loves carrots, so how about Carrot Salad with a Hit of Heat to warm up the frozen theme? Anna and Prince Hans fall in love over some chocolate fondue—or Chocolate-Frangelico Fondue if you really want to bring on the party.

Lemony Blackberry-Vodka Gelées, Blue JasmineJasmine (Cate Blanchett) clutches a bottle of Stoli in nearly every scene of this Woody Allen film. These boozy bites look like they belong in the upper class world to which she is trying so desperately to return. Try blueberries in place of blackberries for an even more literal touch!

Lemon-Gin Sparkling Cocktail, The Great GatsbyThe party life of Jay Gatsby is filled with pomp and pizzazz, champagne and cognac. It's a glamorous world to be sure. Our Lemon-Gin Sparkling Cocktail, a French-inspired champagne cocktail, would be all the rage at one of Gatsby's parties.

Cornmeal-Dusted Catfish with Quinoa Sauté, August: Osage CountyA heart-breaking relationship between Violet (Meryl Streep) and her daughter, Barbara (Julia Roberts), is the backdrop of a family drama that is at once captivatingly complex but downright hilarious. The fish scene--you'll know it if you've seen the movie--demands a dish you'd never imagine throwing. If only Violet had been served our delicious Cornmeal-Dusted Catfish with Quinoa Sauté, she might not have resisted eating her fish...

Western OmeletPhilomenaNothing in this life (or at least in this set of Oscar contenders) is more adorable than Philomena's fascination with the omelet bar. And don't worry, Philomenas of the world--while she's right, portions are out of control in this country, this one is just right.