My husband and I have recently been trying to get organized to:

A) regulate the cost of our food consumption a bit better and

B) regulate our calorie consumption a LOT better! 

We love food and typically don't think twice about spending extra on good ingredients. We wanted to use recipes that include nutritional information so we could nerd out on our iPhone weight control apps and input all the details after a meal. We also wanted those recipes to have good ingredients that we would want to eat. Being organized is right up my alley so I started looking through all the recipe card apps and recipe file apps and recipe sites... only to find the solution right under my nose. has been our answer and we love it. I don't like to self-promote my company's work, but this deserves it ( is the recipe hub site for Cooking Light, Southern Living, Sunset, and more). I have learned a ton about other magazines I don't typically use for recipes. I have found that Sunset, Real Simple, and Health all give the nutritional information we need to be happy geeks. We are loving the variety of options for any given ingredient, helping up work with what have in the house to start. My favorite part though, is the recipe file system. In this picture you can see my personal file on so you  could see my way... I made a file for the week, placed recipes in the file and then the system can make a shopping list for me. Better yet, I have the mobile application on my phone, too, so I can get the recipe information while I am shopping to make the best ingredient decisions. I am in love. But I will share my love with anyone....