By Kate Malin

Omnivore founder Angelo Garro is a man of many talents. He is a master blacksmith by trade, but is likely to be found hunting, foraging, and cooking. Omnivore was born when Angelo decided to market his seemingly simple salt and spice blend, which had already wowed friends like Michael Pollan and Alice Waters. After a successful Kickstarter campaign, Omnivore got up and running, and has now expanded from their classic salt blends into making sauces. Eschewing unnecessary additives, all ingredients are organic, predominantly local, and sourced with care towards transparency and sustainability.

The newest sauce in the Omnivore lineup, Vulcano Classic, is a vibrantly red hot sauce, not too mild or too spicy, full of tang, natural sweetness, and heat. Each bottle takes a day to produce, made in tiny batches in the kitchen in California. Pairings for this versatile sauce are nearly limitless; splash over eggs and potatoes for some added heat, complement raw oysters with a few drops on top, or elevate a cocktail with some extra spice.

Omnivore Vulcano Classic Hot Sauce is available at and in stores across the country. Omnivore is part of the Good Food Awards, a project to honor food and drink producers making the sort of food we all want to eat – tasty, authentic and responsible, and a proud member of the Good Food Merchants Guild, national association uniting American craft food businesses to connect, convene and promote Good Food businesses of all sizes.


From her grassroots work at the Good Food Awards to her continued education at NYU’s Food Studies Master’s Program, Kate Malin brings an unparalleled passion for great food and good people.

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